GL-12 Golf Ball Dispenser

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    Since 1983 we have used our ingenious Grid and Cradle System to sort out damaged balls and debris ensuring that your paying customers only receive an exact amount of clean and undamaged balls

    Range Servant Golf Ball Dispenser Highlights

    • Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized
    • Rust Proof, 3 year warranty on frame and housing
    • 59″ tall – easy and safe to load
    • Quietest machine on the market
    • 3 bucket sizes available
    • Exact ball count per dispense
    • Accepts tokens, cash, range cards, e-keys & credit cards

    Rustproof Materials

    All Range Servant Ball Dispensers are made of aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel. This is why our Dispensers last twice as long as the competition. All Range Servant Dispensers come with a 3 year warranty!



    Exact Ball Counts

    All Range Servant Ball Dispensers dispense exactly what you set them to. Your toughest customers will be happy to see a perfectly full basket, with the EXACT number of balls advertised.

    Sell More Large Buckets

    Only Range Servant Dispensers inspire customers to live large and spend more money. The flexibility of our Dispensers allow you to offer BONUS BALLS for large buckets instead of just discounting.


    More Info

    The Green Line puts Range Servant’s time-tested Grid and Cradle System in an attractive housing that is right at home at the Golf Course or Stand-Alone Range. All GL Golf Ball Dispensers are made of Aluminum, Stainless, and galvanized Steel with a green powder coat finish that will not crack, peel, or (most importantly) rust. Since the GL Series uses the same parts as in our biggest machines; you are assured that, no matter how busy your range gets, our Golf Ball Dispensers will keep on dispensing clean and counted balls for years to come. Call us today to find out why our Golf Ball Dispensers are the best selling in the world.


    Depth: 52 in
    Width: 40 in
    Height: 58 in


    12,000 Balls


    310 lbs

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