Driving Range Tokens

Golf ball dispenser accepts tokensGolf ball dispenser accepts tokens

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    Driving Range Tokens Highlights

    • Geographically – Exclusive Driving Range Tokens
    • Up to 3 independent bucket sizes
    • Roll down token mechs make it fast & easy to insert multiple coins
    • Internal counter controls
    • Secure & reliable
    • Save tokens by selling a single token for large buckets

    Over 15 token styles available

    We are the only range equipment company that manufactures our own driving range tokens. This enables us to give our customers a geographically-exclusive token and ensures that “arcade tokens” do not work on our dispensers.

    Using tokens with your golf ball dispenser is key to any driving range. Driving range tokens are the easiest form of payment for the end-user, they keep the line moving and your customers happy. Our smart circuitry can handle up to 3 different token styles on the same machine. Our roll-down mechanisms can see and count tokens as fast as you can insert them. This means we dispense balls faster than anyone else. We get your customers their golf balls quickly and you will never hear those dreaded words “the ball machine ate my token” again.
    Save driving range tokens by selling a single Token for Large Buckets. Since we can put up to three tokens on each machine, we are also the only company with circuitry smart enough to enable you to sell just one token (instead of two or even three!) for your Large Buckets. This means:

    • You buy fewer driving range tokens
    • Customers can’t hoard tokens by buying a large and hitting two or three smalls
    • You can make your large irresistible by dispensing more balls per $ than your smalls and mediums

    Driving Range Tokens w/ coins


    Single Driving Range Token


    Two Driving Range Tokens


    Three Driving Range Tokens


    Driving Range Tokens Guide


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