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    Select Pi is the perfect solution for a fully automated range operation. Add Select Pi to your golf ball dispenser and customers will have more options than ever to pay. With Select Pi, customers have a choice of adding Credit Cards, Member Cards, Mobile Pay, PINS, and Cash.

    Select Pi Highlights

    • Increase dollar value of the average vend
    • Increase the amount of impulse buys
    • Detailed revenue and statistical reports
    • Unmatched marketing tools
    • Increase overall sales and profitability
    • Sell more large buckets

    Accept Credit Cards with Select Pi

    Use credit cards to purchase balls and reload accounts at dispenser

    America’s number one form of payment

    Gives customers a convenient way to pay

    Ease of payment increases impulse buys

    Ideal solution for unmanned or self-service driving range

    Improves cash flow and boosts sales

    Allows customers to re-load member cards at the dispenser

    Accept Member Cards with Select Pi

    Use Member Cards to generate upfront sales and loyal customer base

    Re-load member cards at dispenser

    Customize cards with your logo

    Customized range cards will reinforce your brand

    Card holders spend more freely

    Track customer data

    Save money on fees

    Accept Mobile Payments with Select Pi

    Use Mobile Pay to satisfy a new generation of golfers

    A more secure way to pay

    Save money on credit card fees

    Quick and easy payment

    Expands options for alternative payments such as e-wallets

    Improves cash flow and boosts sales

    Track customer data and trends

    Accept PINS with Select Pi

    Use PINs to replace tokens and account for bucket sales

    PIN tickets for bucket sales instead of tokens

    All bucket sales are accounted for and tracked

    Email PINs as a promotional tool

    Use PINs for freebies and giveaways

    Use member numbers

    Set PIN expiration date to encourage prompt use

    New Data Reporting Features

    Explore graphs and charts like never before. Use our all-new suite of tools for detailed insight into your business. Our reporting features Microsofi BI tools for interactive data visualization, aimed to help drive your business.

    View cash flow report

    View credit card reports

    Balls dispensed reports

    Cashier audit trails

    Contact Support

    SelectTouch Development | Hormuz Minina |

    404.394.0670 or e-mail technical support

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