Testimonials - Range Servant America

"We are busy all year round and need to get up to 60,000 balls per day to 3 different Ball Dispensers. Our Range Servant Blower System allows us to simply pick the machine that we want to fill, press the ON button and go."

San Bruno Golf Center, San Bruno, CA - Chris - Owner Manager

"Our Range Servant Pre-Soaker and Washer Combo allows us to dump and entire picker load of balls at once. We press the "ON" button and the system takes care of the rest"

Sportsman's Country Club, Northbrook, IL - Michael Wenzel

"The Range Servant soaker/washer allowed us to keep up during the two weeks of championship golf. The speed at which it cleaned was amazing."

Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst, NC - Ben Bridgers

"Our members have high expectations when it comes to range balls. The RS-38K has been great in keeping up with our volume and keeping our member happy."

Crooked Creek Club, Alpharetta, GA - Chris Wright

"We're glad that we decided on a Range Servant Ball Washer. Because of the self-feeding design, you do no need to babysit it at all. This frees my guys up to head back out and pick or tend to the other things on the range!"

De Bell Golf Club, Burbank, CA - Scott Scozzola

"Select Touch will give your range a serious boost in efficiency. The technology is a significant leap forward and will maximize the revenue potential of your Range Servant dispenser."

Cool Springs Sports Complex, Bethel Park, PA - Jeff Ellis

"We have increased our range ball sales by 50% this year by putting a Range Servant that takes cash and credit cards on the tee line."

Blue Hills Golf Course, Roanoke, VA - Gary Haught

"We let our customers hit golf balls, literally whenever they want to. That's why we use Range Servant Ball Dispensers. They allow us the peace of mind to stay open 24 hours a day."

Doug Davis, Miles of Golf, Ann Arbor, MI and Cincinnati, OH

"I bought my RS Ball Dispenser over 20 years ago. A new one has been in my budget for the last 10 years, but my Dispenser just won't quit. Their Dispenser is bulletproof!"

Green Valley Country Club, Portsmouth, RI - Ron Raposa

"I had been scooping balls for 20 years and never considered using a Ball Machine until I heard about the Ultima. It's flexibility could match the 3 sizes I'd been scooping. The beauty is that it cleaned up my pro-shop, reduced my labor, and better yet, increased my ball sales by 15%."

Marietta Golf Center, Marietta, GA - David Coleman