E-Range Driving Range Software

erange Keys for Golf Ball Dispenser Payment Systemerange Keys for Golf Ball Dispenser Payment System

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  • Instant Cash Infusion / Interest Free Loan
  • Reliable Chip Technology
  • Track / Cancel Lost Keys
  • Club accounts for yearly memberships
  • 3 bucket sizes from keys and cash
  • Daily statistical and revenue reports

+ Instant Customer Loyalty

The best way to keep people coming back to the driving range is through discounted Range Plans and Membership Programs. The easiest way to do this is with e-Range.

e-Range is a no-brainer for any range looking to increase revenue and develop a loyal customer base. The super-reliable chips on our e-Keys can be programmed with any cash value so you can tailor your range program to suit your customer’s buying habits. Whether you have one “value key” or a multi-tiered discount program you are virtually guaranteed to increase sales volume. The best part is that you get the revenue up front, before a ball has been hit. Call it an interest free loan with the added benefit of having customers who come back to your range to practice and spend more money on the other goods and services that your offer. Your snack bar and pro-shop will, no doubt, see a residual bump as well.

Why e-Range and Range Servant?
e-Range works better in our machine than anywhere else. Because of our smart circuitry we can use e-Range as it was intended to be used. Your customers will spend their money faster and be ready to re-charge their keys sooner.

In a Range Servant e-Range can get you:

  • 3 bucket sizes of any ball count in Ultima Golf Ball Dispensers
  • 3 independent bucket sizes in RS and GL models
  • We can separately count token buckets from e-Range buckets
  • 3 independent bucket sizes from a bill acceptor

e-Range is available in four versions with features to suit your driving range’s needs. Versions 4, 6, and 8 are compatible and can up-graded via e-mail at anytime.

Credit Value used by each systemVSD Basket4 Money6 Money8 Money
Up to 3 Selection Sizes – 3 prices   
Revalue Customer eKeys   
Erase and re-use customer eKeys thousands of times  
Revalue Software (Revalue Station on PC)   
View up-to-date customer balances   
Void & Replace lost or stolen accounts   
Set an expire date for each individual account  
Set percentage discounts for each customer account   
CLUB accounts limit customers to 1 or 2 baskets a day
Data carrier to download events from reader  
Optional bill validator support – accept cash at the dispenser
View & print transaction (event) reports 
View & print by customer, type, event…
View & print weekly and monthly sales graphs
Print up-to-date customer balances 
Export reports to your favorite spreadsheet  
Email reports 
Generate a single-use PIN to replace tokens 
Print single-use Customer PIN receipt to replace tokens 
Print batches of PINs for group or tournament play 
Point-of-Sale software integration

Contact Support

800.878.8050 or e-mail technical support

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