Solo Driving Range Software

Solo Driving Range Software

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  • Instant Cash Infusion / Interest Free Loan
  • Reliable Chip Technology
  • Track / Cancel Lost Keys
  • Club accounts for yearly memberships
  • 3 bucket sizes from keys and cash
  • Daily statistical and revenue reports

+ Big Time Profits in Real Time

The best way to keep people coming back to the driving range is through discounted Range Plans and Membership Programs. The easiest way to do this is with Range Servant Solo.

Solo Overview

Solo is the latest payment system for all Range Servant ball dispensers. We use the most advanced contact-less tag technology for trouble free and durable operation. Solo’s multi-language administration software is both simple to use and rich in functionality offering total control over pricing and account information!



Solo Plus & Solo PIN

Offers 3 unique bucket sizes to your customer. Can limit members to 2 or 3 buckets per day. Solo Plus is compatible with bill or credit card readers. With Solo Plus you have the added functionality of running dispenser data reports.

Contactless Solo Cards

Solo Tags are MiFare contactless cards that are used when dispensing balls. The Solo Tags are encrypted with a unique license and locked to your dispenser only! No mag strip to wear out or demagnetize.



Solo Software

Solo Software is the graphical user interface used by cashiers for handling customer accounts, topping up Solo Tags and programming the Supervisor Tags. The Solo Software also generates an event log & sales reports.

Features & Benefits of Solo, Solo Plus, Solo PIN

In a Range Servant Golf Ball Dispenser, Solo can get you:

  • 3 buckets sizes of any ball count in Ultima Golf Ball Dispensers
  • 3 independent bucket sizes in RS and GL Models
  • We can separately count Token Buckets from Solo Buckets
  • 3 Independent bucket sizes from a bill acceptor

Solo is available in two versions with features to suit your driving range’s needs. Versions Solo and Solo PLUS are compatible and can be upgraded at any time.

Solo Feature Chart Version Version Version
Solo Solo PLUS Solo PIN
Payment Systems Credits Cash Cash/Buckets
Selection Sizes One Size S, M, L S, M, L
Solo Tags reusable ? ? ?
Administration Software      
Membership Management      
Block and Replace Lost Cards      
View and Print Event Log & Sales Data      
3 Different Discount Levels      
Export Event Data to Spreadsheets      
Multi-user Admin Interface    
Up to 8 Dispensers on Same System      
Admin Software can be installed on any number of PCs      
Free Software Upgrades    
Available in many languages      
Retro fit in ANY ball dispenser    
Cards are specific to your facility      
Expiry Date for Member Account    
Limit Cards by Number of Buckets per Day    
Download Dispenser Data  
Bill Acceptor Compatible    
Credit Card Acceptor Compatible    
Happy Hour Pricing for Weekends & Weekdays  
Single-Use PINs to replace tokens  
Print Batches of PINs for tournament play
Unlimited account categories  
Restricted accounts active days

Contact Support

800.878.8050 or e-mail technical support