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Heavy Duty 3 Gang Golf Ball Picker

Heavy Duty Golf Ball Pickers

Range Servant Heavy Duty Golf Ball Pickers are simply the toughest, and the number one choice of the busiest driving ranges in the world. Only our driving range ball pickers are truly designed to take the abuse at busy stand-alone ranges. Our Heavy Duty Pickers are built to last with thick galvanized steel, and can stand up to wear from heavy use and mother nature. Our driving range ball pickers have the highest capacities and most comprehensive warranties on the market. Exclusive to Range Servant, our Unique Multiflex Discs come with a two year warranty against breakage.

Our Heavy Duty Driving Range Ball Pickers are best suited for facilities with:

More than 15,000 range balls per day

Any quality grass or artificial turf

Rutted, bumpy and uneven landing areas are our specialty

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