RS-Revolution XL Range Ball Washer

Golf Range Ball WasherGolf Range Ball Washer
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    RS-Revolution Range Ball Washer Highlights

    • 30,000 Ball/hr
    • Direct Drive Design
    • Virtually Jam Proof
    • 3000 Ball Load Hopper
    • 3/4 HP High Torque Motor
    • 100% Galvanized
    • Fresh Water Pre-Spray & Rinse
    • 100% Brush Efficiency
    • Ball Friendly

    100% Brush Coverage

    Using Centrifugal Force our RS-Revolution Ball Washer uses 100% of the Brush. With no track system, jams are eliminated and debris is a non-issue. Brush life is also markedly increased.



    Powerful Direct Drive Motor

    Unique in Range Ball Washers our Direct Drive Design eliminates all problems associated with Belts and Pulleys.

    • 3/4 HP motor is the strongest in golf
    • High Torque motor eliminates jamming
    • No adjustments or alignment needed


    The RS-Revolution is the only range ball washer that can claim to be Self Feeding. Our unique agitator feeds balls into the washer at a constant rate.

    • No baby sitting needed
    • Frees up time to go pick


    So Fresh & So Clean!

    Only the RS-Revolution cleans Golf Balls with a Pre-Spray and an intense concentrated blast of water while scrubbing the range balls.

    • Cleans balls without destroying surlyn cover
    • Fresh water means no more smelly ball room

    An Unbeatable Pair!

    Pre-Soaking range balls in our Soaker 4000 and then scrubbing and rinsing them in our RS-Revolution is the only way to completely clean range balls.


    • Loosens mud
    • Captures grass
    • Runs on auto-pilot!


    Got Volume?

    • 3,000 ball capacity
    • Holds the average 5 gang picker load!
    • Self-Feeding design frees up to 5 minutes of labor for every picker load


    Length: 87 in
    Width: 25 in
    Height: 37 in
    Discharge Height: 18 in


    30,000 Balls/hr

    Water Consumption

    1 Gallon/min


    215 lbs

    Owner’s Manual

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    Instruction & Troubleshooting Manuals

    90 Day Maintenance
    Adjust Amperage on Breaker
    Replace Breaker
    Replace Motor

    Contact Support

    800.878.8050 or e-mail technical support