Range Ball Pre-Soaker

Golf Range Ball Pre-soakerGolf Range Ball Pre-soaker
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    Got Mud? Or grass, or dirt, or sand for that matter…

    Range Servant knows that at certain times of the year even the best ball washer needs a little help. Add a Range Ball Pre-Soaker to increase the effectiveness of your ball cleaning process. Our Pre-Soaker loosens deeply embedded mud and debris before the balls are lifted out by the elevator and emptied out into your choice of ball washer.

    Range Ball Pre-Soaker Highlights

    • 4,000 ball capacity
    • Safe 36″ load height
    • Lift-out components for easy cleaning
    • Adjustable belt speed to match any washer
    • Overflow drain hose for clean operation
    • Lockable castor wheels for easy transport

    The Pre-Soaker 4000 is designed for any driving range that has mud. Whether you have a mud-season, low spots or poor drainage, our Soaker loosens any mud, dirt or grass caked-on the golf balls.

    The Pre-Soaker 4000 works with both our RS-Revolution and RS-38K Range Ball Washers and can be found at golf courses and driving ranges around the world.

    At 36″ in height it is easily loaded and the 70 gallon tank holds up to 4,000 balls. Once soaked, golf balls are elevated by an adjustable-speed belt that can be dialed to match any ball washer on the market. The belt is perforated so dirty water stays in the tank and only well-prepared golf balls are loaded into the ball washer for rinsing.

    The Pre-Soaker 4000 sits on heavy-duty lockable castor wheels so it is easily rolled into place and can be moved for cleaning and maintenance. No tools are required to lift out all inside components so deep cleaning is easy to fit into your maintenance schedule.


    Length: 53 in
    Width: 32 in
    Height: 48 in
    Discharge Height: 42 in

    Cut Sheets

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    30,000 Balls/hr


    225 lbs

    Owner’s Manual

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    Contact Support

    800.878.8050 or e-mail technical support

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