Golf Ball Elevator

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Range Servant Golf Ball Elevator Highlights

  • Rust proof stainless & aluminum
  • Automatic overfill protection
  • Dramatically reduces labor & heavy lifting
  • 500+ balls per minute
  • Zero friction stainless belt track
  • Secondary power outlet for synchronized washer function
  • Adaptable to any Golf Ball Washer
  • Direct Drive Motor, not drive belts or gears
  • 3 year warranty

Range Servant Golf Ball Elevators are the quickest way to reduce labor, streamline ball handling, and clean up your Ball Wash Area. Easily activated with the push of a button, it eliminates the back breaking lifting and loading prevalent at a busy range. Equipped with smart controls and a secondary power supply, it can work in tandem with any ball washer. Turn on the elevator and the ball washer comes on as well. Leaving nothing to chance, a photo-sensor shuts the elevator and washer down when the Ball Machine you are filling is full.

Available in four standard lengths, as well as custom-built, Range Servant has an elevator for almost any application.

  • Reduce Ball Handling
    Touch the golf balls one less time. Save labor & your back.
  • Clean Up Your Ball Room
    Send clean balls right in to the Golf Ball Dispenser. Eliminate the need for crates and baskets so you can keep it safe.
  • Get Picking
    Our elevators and BT ball washers are jam-free so you can dump a load of balls in the washer, hit the start button and head out for more. Since our elevator can tell when your ball machine is full you do not have to babysit.
  • Super Quiet
    You can put our Ball Management Systems right on the tee-line and you can wash balls at any time without disturbing your customers.

All RS Elevators work seamlessly with our Golf Ball Dispenser and RS Revolution Golf Ball Washers. Call us today and see how we can help you fine-tune a Ball Management System that meets your facility’s needs.

Part#DescriptionDepthDepth w/BinWidthHeightFill HeightWeight
410000Elevator 1.88.5″25″18″72″60″-72″90 lbs
EHM0001Elevator 2.18.5″25″18″87″72″-86″100 lbs
420000Elevator 2.38.5″25″18″92″86″-92″110 lbs
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