Golf Ball Blower

Golf Ball Blower

+ 30,000 balls per hour…from a long distance

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Golf Ball Blower Highlights

  • Rust proof stainless & aluminum
  • Automatic overfill protection
  • Dramatically reduces labor & heavy lifting
  • 500+ balls per minute
  • Manifold for shooting to multiple dispensers
  • Secondary power outlet for synchronized washer function

+ 30,000 balls per hour…from a long distance

No more hauling balls from the wash barn over to the pro shop! Just press a button and shoot clean range balls directly to the dispenser!

If your range has a ball washing room far away from your golf ball dispenser, look no further! The Range Servant Blower System is the automation solution for you. With almost limitless flexibility the RS Blower, at 500 balls per minute, can quickly and reliably fill one or several golf ball dispensers at the touch of a button.
Designed to minimize labor and isolate ball washing to a remote area, the RS Blower makes your range efficient, clean and safe. When filling more than one golf ball dispenser, our Manifold Diverter allows you to to automatically direct balls to the ball dispenser that needs balls.


Blower Module 1.1 HP – 0-50 ft
Blower Module 2.5 HP – 50-275 ft
Blower Module 4.5 HP – 275+ ft


Length: 22.5 in
Width: 32 in
Height: 23.5 in


30,000 Balls/hr


260 lbs

Owner’s Manual

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