RS-Twist XL Range Ball Washer

RS Twist Range Ball Washer XL for Medium Volume RangesRS Twist Range Ball Washer XL for Medium Volume Ranges
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RS-Twist XL Range Ball Washer Highlights

  • Heavy duty nylon brush
  • Patented steel spiral
  • Debris falls thru the spiral
  • Reduces jams
  • Motor is sealed against moisture
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel construction

Easily the best value out there

  • 30,000 balls/hr
  • 800 ball load hopper capacity
  • Reusable water tank system
  • 14 gallon tank capacity

Steel Spiral – All Brush

The RS-Twist XL Range Ball Washer is the perfect choice for medium volume driving ranges. All Twist washers are made with high-grade Steel, powerful drive motors, and a unique spiral track that sorts out debris. RS-Twist XL Golf Ball Washers will provide you with years of maintenance-free ball washing. With a compact design and self-contained water tank, it’s the perfect solution for ranges with limited space and/or drainage concerns. Call us today to see why the RS-Twist XL is the choice of Golf Courses and ranges around the world.


Length: 34 in
Width: 23 in
Height: 38 in


166 lbs


30,000 Balls/hr

Hopper Capacity

800 Balls

Water Capacity

14 Gallons

Contact Support

800.878.8050 or e-mail technical support

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