Plastic Ball Tray

Plastic Ball TrayPlastic Ball Tray
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For the budget-minded, our plastic ball trays are an economical way to keep your tee-line tidy and they make it easy for your customers to practice. Holds up to 80 golf balls.

Golf Ball Trays allow for golfers to empty the golf balls from their range basket to eliminate double bending (once to grab a ball and a second time to put it on a tee) making for a better range experience and less time between tee-ups.  That means golfers will thank you for less work and the opportunity to hit more balls in the same amount of time.

If you want an even more efficient option, try our automatic tee-ups for automatic golf ball dispensing or our more durable rubber golf ball tray.


Length: 26″
Width: 12″
Height: Front 2″ | Back 3.5″


3 lbs


80 Balls