Single Basket Hand Push Golf Ball Picker

Single Basket Hand Push Golf Ball PickerSingle Basket Hand Push Golf Ball Picker

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Hand Push Picker Highlights

  • Fully rust-resistant aluminum and steel
  • 400 ball capacity
  • No failure – prone elbow fittings
  • Light weight flexible design
  • Unique plastic discs
  • Guiding wheel for smooth, stable ride

+ Pick Range Balls in all the tough places!

  • Around trees, fences and wetlands

Able to get places your full sized ball picker can’t get to, our Hand Push Picker is ergonomically designed to pick balls in hard to reach and confined areas. It’s perfect for around the chipping area, near trees, fences and wetlands. The Push Handle is adjustable to suit the operator. Offered in a One-Basket and Two-Basket configuration, the Baskets hold 400 balls and are easy to remove.


Length: 37 in
Width: 17 in
Height: 13 in


350 to 400 Balls


40 lbs
18 kg

Contact Support

800.878.8050 or e-mail technical support

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