RS Tee-Up with Feeder

RS Tee-Up with FeederRS Tee-Up with Feeder
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    • Speeds up play by 25%
    • Less fatigue = more balls hit
    • Easy & adjustable tee-height sensor
    • Plug & Play! It just needs a power outlet
    • Great for seniors and golfers with disabilities
    • 100 ball capacity feed hopper

    + Tee-Up your customers and your ball sales

    The RS Tee Up makes it easier for your customer to hit range balls quicker and to spend more money!

    The RS Tee-Up is a unique product that will instantly increase ball sales while enhancing the customer’s golfing experience. Proven to speed up play by 25%, golfers benefit from hitting ball after ball without re-gripping or bending down to tee up the next ball, while range owners will notice the increased speed in which golfers finish their buckets. Its’ ergonomic design allows the golfer to quickly and easily adjust the tee height by simply waving the club head over the Tee-Height Sensor. The RS Tee-Up is easy to install at existing ranges, requiring only a flat surface and a standard power outlet. Welcoming to all golfers, the RS Tee-Up is especially suited for Senior Citizens and Golfers with Disabilities.


    Length: 88 in
    Width: 65 in
    Height: 40 in


    100 ball feeder


    265 lbs
    120 kg

    Owner’s Manual

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    800.878.8050 or e-mail technical support