RS Tee-Up Flush Mount

RS Tee-Up Flush MountRS Tee-Up Flush Mount
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  • Speeds up play by 25%
  • Easy & adjustable tee-height sensor
  • Accepts tokens, cards, cash & PIN codes
  • Pay per bucket or pay per time settings
  • Plug & Play! It just needs a power outlet
  • Great for seniors and golfers with disabilities

+ Tee-Up your customers and your ball sales

The RS Tee Up makes it easier for your customer to hit range balls quicker and to spend more money!

Taking the range experience one step further than our RS Tee-Up with Feeder Hooper, the RS Tee-Up Flush Mount is built to fit into your tee line. Customer can buy balls range balls right at the Tee-Up station by interfacing with the user-friendly Touch Screen Display that offers a real-time connection to the Pro-Shop computer. The Payment Station can be fit with your choice and combination of payment methods including Tokens, Cash, Member Card, Credit Cards and PIN Codes. The Payment Station can accommodate both Pay per Bucket and Pay per Time transactions. The highly visible Touch Screen can be used to generate additional revenue through local business advertising.

The RS Tee-Up can be tied into a complete Ball Management System with the each station being fed with a continuous supply of clean range balls from a remote ball washing room.


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